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I started off with  I was offended that gay and lesbian community was just left hanging out there with no direction.

Heterosexual couples had a large volume of resources to turn to in setting up their wedding.  LGBT community has little to no one to help them.

When I first started this, there were people afraid of being discriminated against by vendors.  I started contacting businesses and found out that homophobia is not as large a problem in Chicago, as in other parts of the country.  But it does exist.  Even within our own great state of Illinois.

I wanted to offer services that people could be happy with.  Not having to worry about discrimination or what people were thinking about them when they are committing themselves to the person that they love.

There was also the problem that people didn't take a gay commitment as serious or with the same importance as a straight wedding.  Some vendors viewed it as a joke or of lesser importance.  That's one of my greatest motivators for setting up this business, showing people that gays are capable of having long loving relationships.

Being in a same sex relationship for nearly a decade, at the time of this writing, I refuse to sit back and be trampled on as a second class citizen.

I pay my taxes.  I am a veteran of both the US Navy and US Army.  I will be damned if my military service would be discounted because I am gay.  Most certainly NOT going to have my love with my husband discounted by people who think that they can vote on the status of MY relationship...on MY right to love whomever I want.  I openly state to those people, "Go fuck yourself.  Maybe your issues lie within YOUR own unhappiness.  Deal with your own issues and don't make your homophobia my problem to deal with.".  Lastly,"Don't blame God because you're a bigot.  God loves all his children, gay or straight.  If you are still in denial, then I hope that YOUR angry hateful God gives you everything that you deserve.".

I believe and support that gay couples should have marriage equality and services rendered to them should be just as equal.  I am here to level the playing field.  Through my passion for photography and certified wedding planner through NewWeddingPlanet with specific emphasis on gay weddings.

I am an activist.  January 2013, it looks like we in Illinois are finally going to get our justice with marriage equality.  So in anticipation, I am phasing out the civil union websites and moving forward with



So, let's make this a better community, country and gay wedding at a time. :)

Looking forward to talking with you soon.



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